Thursday, December 09, 2021

Victim, Victimized or Victim Playing?

So recently,a Malaysian actor made headlines for starring in a gay web series. His parents and the government are now taking legal action against the production company. (Read here)

Since I have so many friends who are writers, performers, producers, and legal practitioners, I think this is a very good topic for an open discussion.
Even you are just an avid reader of my unusually long posts, I really would love to hear from you.

Let's just say that someone contacted you, and told you that they wanted you to star in a web series. They tell you what the story is about. You went for audition. You got the part. Given the contract. Read the contract. Agreed to it. Signed the contract. Given the script. Read the script. Attend table read. Went for storyboard runthrough. Shooting starts. Scene one. Take one. Take two. Take three, etc. Scene Two up to the Final Scene. Shooting wraps. You get paid. Show went into post-production. Rough cut completed. Reshoot (perhaps) because of NG scenes. Additional scenes shot for conti. Post production continues. Production completed. Contracted promotion and roadshow concurrently in discussion during post production. Teaser trailer released. Official trailer released.

Question 1: Since you will be paid for your presence in the show, how do you think the production company is going to get back the money invested to complete the shoot?

Question 2: At which part of the above production process do you think you should find out about the content of the show you are acting in?

Question 3: If you are such a bad actor and just read whatever lines given to you. At which point do you think you would have a rough idea on what the show is about?

Question 4: If a gay-themed show is NOT what you signed up for, would you highlight it to the production team and inform them of your intention to drop out? Or go through with it?

Question 5: If you no problem going through it, even after knowing that it is a gay-themed show, would you have a problem on which platform the show will be released?

Question 6: At which point do you think that you are a "victim of circumstances"? Why?

Let's discuss.

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